Hearing Aid Assistance Program

Hearing Aid Assistance Program

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is pleased to announce The Ohio Hearing Aid Assistance Program (OHAAP) beginning August 2014. OHAAP is a temporary assistance program for families with permanently hearing impaired children from birth to age 21 for hearing aids.

Please share this information with any families that may be eligible for assistance or providers that may be interested. Contact Melissa McCoy at or (614) 466-1995 with any questions regarding the OHAAP program.

This program will assist families with incomes of between 200% and 400% of the federal poverty level with the purchase of hearing aids for children from birth to age 21. (Families with income of less than 200% of the FPL should be referred to Medicaid or BCMH for services.) Licensed Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters serving as OHAAP providers have a signed agreement in place with the ODH and are able to assist with children eligible for the program.

Page updated 01/22/2018