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Without exception, renewing your professional license is your responsibility as the professional license holder.

In addition, audiologists, hearing aid fitters and speech-language pathologists are required to meet and track their respective continuing education requirements.

Go to to complete your license renewal and to maintain your current personal information.

Go to CE Broker to maintain your required continuing education tracking.


Chapter 4747

Annual renewal

Hearing Aid Dealer
Hearing Aid Dealer Satellite
Hearing Aid Fitter

Hearing Aid Dealer and Hearing Aid Fitter licenses expire annually on January 30. Before renewing, Hearing Aid Fitters must have completed at least 10 hours of approved continuing education (CE) credits during the calendar year and prior to renewal deadline. One of the 10 hours must be obtained in “ethics or Ohio law and rules.”

All late renewals are audited and must include proof of CE completion. Your license cannot be made active before your CEs have been audited for compliance.

Renewal on or before January 30

$157.00 Standard renewal fee +
$3.00 Processing fee +
$3.50 fee

Late Renewal January 31 through February 28

$183.00 Late renewal fee +
$3.00 Processing fee +
$3.50 fee

Late Renewal on or after March 1

$210.00 Late renewal fee +
$3.00 Processing fee +
$3.50 fee

Chapter 4753

Biennial Renewal

 Audiology Aide
 Speech-Language Pathologist
 Speech-Language Pathologist Aide

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