Laws and Rules

Ohio’s State Speech and Hearing Professionals Board regulates the practices of audiology, hearing aid fitters and speech-language pathology by establishing, promoting and enforcing practice standards and professional competency among licensees pursuant to Chapters 4744, 4747 and 4753 of the Ohio Revised Code (R.C.) and the Ohio Administrative Code (A.C.).

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About Administrative Rules

Rules contained in the Ohio A.C. are not laws, but have the effect of law once enacted. An administrative rule cannot change the law or create a new law, but is a clarification of existing law in the Ohio R.C.

Chapter 4753

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Audiology Aide
Speech-Language Pathologist
Speech-Language Pathology Aide
Speech-Language Pathologist Conditional

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4753

4753.01 Speech-language pathologist and audiologist definitions.
4753.02 Unauthorized practice.
4753.05 Powers and duties of board.
4753.06 License qualifications.
4753.061 Criminal records checks.
4753.07 Issuing license or conditional license.
4753.071 License qualifications for conditional licensees.
4753.072 Administrative rules for speech-language pathology aides and audiology aides.
4753.073 Speech-language pathology student permit.
4753.08 Waiving examination, educational and professional experience requirements.
4753.09 License renewal.
4753.091 Classification of license as inactive.
4753.10 Disciplinary actions.
4753.101 Student permit disciplinary action rules.
4753.11 Fees.
4753.12 Lawful practice.
4753.14 Referrals.
4753.15 Effect of child support default on license.
4753.16 Compliance with law regarding sanctions for human trafficking.
4753.99 Penalty.

Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 4753

Chapter 4753-1 General Provisions
Chapter 4753-2 Telehealth Communication
Chapter 4753-3 Licensing
Chapter 4753-4 Continuing Education
Chapter 4753-5 Fees
Chapter 4753-6 Screening
Chapter 4753-7 Aides
Chapter 4753-8 Hearing Aid Sales and Advertising
Chapter 4753-9 Code of Ethics
Chapter 4753-10 Speech-language Pathology Student Permits
Chapter 4753-11 Accessing Confidential Personal Information
Chapter 4753-12 Military Service