Hearing Aid FAQ


Hearing Aid FAQ

Hearing Aid FAQ

1. Where should I go to get a hearing aid?

Many factors should be used to determine where to purchase a hearing aid, but the first consideration should be whether the person is licensed as either a hearing aid dealer and fitter, audiologist or physician. These are the only three categories of professionals permitted to fit and sell hearing aids in Ohio.

Other considerations include the reputation of the individual and the company, and the convenience for follow-up service.

2. How do I know what to expect from the person selling me a hearing aid?

Ask questions of people you know who wear hearing aids to find out how they have adjusted to wearing hearing aids. When you purchase a hearing aid, make sure you read and understand all of the terms and conditions of the purchase. The sales agreement should outline all of costs involved, and include the right to return the hearing aid if you are not satisfied.

3. How do I file a complaint with the Ohio Speech and Hearing Professionals Board?

Sections 4747.13 (A) and 4753.10 (O) of the Ohio Revised Code requires that all complaints be received in writing. Therefore, when you make a complaint against a hearing aid dealer or audiologist it must be in writing, and should include copies of your sales agreement and any other documents related to the sale.  You can make your complaint online by going to eLicense.Ohio.gov and choosing File a Complaint.

You may also have your written complaint delivered to the Ohio Speech and Hearing Professionals Board, 77 South High Street, Suite 1659, Columbus, Ohio 43215-6108.

4. How do I know if a person is licensed?

You can verify a license, and be advised of any disciplinary action against a licensee, by verifying the license online at eLicense.Ohio.gov.

5. What is the best hearing aid?

The type of hearing aid that will best fit your needs can only be determined by your hearing professional after your hearing status has been evaluated.